Why Getting a Second Opinion Gets Results

In the UK, our cultural conditioning can sometimes make us unwilling to seek a second opinion, particularly in relation to medical treatment. Naturally, we want to trust medical professionals but our reluctance to seek the opinion of another can sometimes go beyond this natural instinct.

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2020 with pin

Our Research in 2020

Like healthcare professionals around the world, W27 saw a sharp decline in the number of patients we were able to see this year and performed far fewer diagnostic and musculoskeletal imaging procedures. Covid-19 caused a steep drop in demand as the country went into lockdown, followed by different regional tiers. However, did this mean we…

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PRP Injections for Vulnerable Age Groups

One of the impacts of the pandemic is that many routine surgical procedures have had to be postponed. If you are waiting for knee replacement surgery, surgical repair for tendinopathy or other types of surgery for musculoskeletal problems, you may have found yourself with a far longer wait than normal. It can be frustrating to…

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