Getting a Second Opinion

If you already have a diagnosis – whether you are a patient or a clinician – a second opinion can provide valuable reassurance and confirmation before you go ahead with treatment.

Dr Basu is frequently asked to provide a second opinion due to:

  • His extensive experience and expertise around musculoskeletal imaging, including these specialist areas.
  • Taking a multidisciplinary approach to patient care; working closely in networks with other specialist surgeons and clinicians.
  • Remaining up to date with current research, audits and publications, lectures at conferences and universities and as a reviewer for articles submitted to radiology and orthopaedic journals.

“Dr Basu has a reputation of being accessible to review scans and offer second opinions on imaging; working collaboratively with his surgeons and clinicians to ensure the best possible patient care”

Dr Basu

“Scans should only be performed if absolutely required. If a patient has had previous imaging (within the last 6-12 months) that can be reviewed and answers to the clinical questions addressed, then this can save patients having to undergo more scans, saving them time and money”

Dr Basu

Reasons to seek a second opinion:

  • Confirmation that you have received the correct diagnosis before proceeding with treatment.
  • Because you are unhappy with the original diagnosis or believe that something may have been missed.
  • Because treatment based on your original diagnosis is not producing the expected results.
  • Because you would like the opinion of a specialist radiologist.
  • Because you are a clinician and would value the benefit of another’s experience.
  • Because your insurers are requesting it.
  • For peace of mind.
  • Because your scans were carried out overseas and you would value the opinion of a UK-based radiologist.

How our Second Opinion radiology service works

(1) Our Second Opinion service is available to you from the comfort of your home. You do not need to travel as Dr Basu will receive the scans electronically and encrypted according with GDPR guidelines. The process is highly efficient from acceptance of the scans to the review.

(2) Once we have your scans, they will be analysed by Dr Basu, an experienced and specialist radiologist in musculoskeletal imaging. It is possible that you won’t need to repeat your scans, providing we have access to all the information needed.

(3) Once we have received all the images and your payment has cleared, we aim to have the report back to you via secure email within 48 hours. The report will be encrypted for security and you will be sent instructions on how to access this separately.

(4) Dr Basu will offer his review and differential diagnosis alongside recommendations on subsequent management, which will be detailed in a report. It is important that any test results are discussed with your doctor.

(5) If further scans are required, we offer radiology testing using the most technically advanced equipment in multiple locations for your choice and convenience.

Booking a Second Opinion

Only by identifying the source of the problem correctly can you ensure effective treatment. If you do not have a correct diagnosis, you cannot expect to recover fully or achieve the best outcomes.

Booking a Second Opinion is easy. Please contact us via phone, email or use our enquiry form below. We will be in prompt contact with you within usual working hours.

A word of reassurance

You may be concerned that seeking a second opinion might upset your current consultant or impact your treatment in some way.

However, doctors and consultants are very used to patients asking for confirmation of a diagnosis or course of treatment and it will not affect the treatment you receive.

We endeavour to respond to second opinion requests promptly as we know that it is important for those concerned to get back to their normal life as quickly and easily as possible.

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